Accessible Minesweeper

Accessible Minesweeper

Versión 1.1

A strategy game by Tyflos Accessible Software

The game

Accessible Minesweeper is an entertaining strategy game whose aim is to clear a minefield without detonating a mine. In order to win this game you need your intelligence to guess where the mines are.

This game is compatible with VoiceOver. Blind users can enjoy the fun this game offers.

iOS Version: 3.x and higher

Object of the game

The game contains a grid of undifferentiated cells, under some of which mines are hidden.

The object of the game is to find the mines spread over the grid without detonating any of them.

You can open a cell or flag it, marking that cell as dangerous.

When a cell is opened, if it doesn´t contain a mine, it will show the number of mines in adjacent cells. You must deduce where the hidden mines are, using the information provided by the opened cells.

You have only a limited number of flags to mark dangerous cells.

You win the game when all the cells containing mines have been flagged as dangerous.

You lose if you set off a mine, or if the allotted time runs out.

Main menu

This menu is displayed when you open the game.

It provides the following options: start a new game (three different levels of difficulty), access the game configuration settings, and open the manual.

Depending on the difficulty level chosen for a new game, the grid will have different dimensions and there will be different numbers of hidden mines. The values are shown in the following table:

Difficulty level Board size Hidden mines
Easy 8X8 10
Medium 11X11 20
Hard 11X14 40

How to play

When you start the game, the grid is displayed at the top of the screen. The game toolbar is at the bottom of the screen. It contains the flag button, the game time clock and the close button.

During the game you can execute two actions:

Open a cell
You open a cell by tapping it.
If it contains a mine, it will explode, finishing the game. If not, the cell will indicate the number of neighbouring mines.

VoiceOver users can open cells by double-tapping.
Flagging a cell
You flag a cell by double-tapping or activating the flag button on the bottom left of the screen.
If the flag button is active, the next cell touched will be flagged.
You can unflag a marked cell using the same gesture.

VoiceOver users may flag or unflag a cell using a triple tap.


This game possesses accessibility features enabling blind users to enjoy the game.

This game is compatible with VoiceOver, the screen reader for iOS devices.

In the Settings menu there are some options to improve the experience for blind gamers.

This game includes features that will allow deaf people to enjoy the experience. The game has text feedback for sound events.

Users having problems with manual dexterity can enjoy playing this game too!

Settings menu

The Settings menu offers the following options:

Time limit
Activating this option gives the player a predefined time to find the mines. The time limit depends on the level of difficulty of the game.
Identification by coordinates
When this option is active, VoiceOver identifies each cell by row and column.


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